Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Podcast - Will Kimbrough


Will Kimbrough is a very talented guitarist, song writer and performer. Saw him with Rodney Crowell last year in Annapolis. He's a little over the top sometimes, but he's an amazing performer and I enjoyed listening to him play.

Monday, July 9, 2007

No Cookies in the Library - Classic Sesame Street

I love this video!

#23 Summarize - Here it goes:

1. what were your favorite discoveries or exercises on this learning journey?

  • I would have to say my favorite discoveries were downloading books (I know I should have done this before); what other libraries are doing with technology; RSS Feeds; MySpace; YouTube and the LibraryThing.

2. How has this program assisted or affected your lifelong learning goals?

  • This program has certainly introduced me to some really cool things and will help me understand what everyone around is talking about when it comes to Web 2.0. I like being in the know and this will help me progress towards always knowing stuff!

3. Were there any take-aways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?

  • Yes, I found out about widgets (I do have that weather thing now) and how to add them to a blog and I really liked that. I also discovered that although I don't enjoy journal writing, once I get going I can put a few words to screen.
  • Also, I learned about on-line document publishing, and although it sounds great, in reality, I thought it cumbersome and not nearly as efficient as using Word, Excel, etc.

4. What could we do differently to improve upon this program's format or concept?

  • Maybe the order of the "Things" could be changed a bit, so that everyone creates a blog first thing and understands that you don't have to print that tracking log!

5. If we offered another discovery program like this in the future, would you again chose to participate?

  • Yes.

6. How would you describe your learning experience in a few words or a few sentences, so we can share our successes and promote this program?

  • I had fun. I do have to say that it took longer than I thought and that could be that I started getting a bit off track. When you find one cool thing, that just leads you to another cool thing..... Well, it's time for that next cool thing!
I have added the weather to my blog. A widget, imagine that?

Friday, July 6, 2007

Downloaded an audio book!

Pretty cool. I've never done this, even though we've had this collection for a while, now. I'm looking forward to listening to this book and then downloading books to an MP3 player, so I can hear them at home! Very good.

I also looked a Project Guttenberg, which I had seen many years ago. They've added stuff and it's neat to know that people can volunteer to help them with all those public domain titles.

I like this, a lot. I also like getting my hands on music to listen to....so I should be in Library Heaven. (Oh, yeah, we live in Library Heaven!!)

While looking for podcasts....

....I found this library website.


I think it's in Westerville, OH.

I'm not sure if I like the website but thought it was interesting that the Director has a blog, as do adult and teen services and the Summer Reading program. There are podcasts and lots of other things. So many of the things we are becoming acquainted with here in 23 things are being used at Westerville. Good for them. I think it would be neat to have podcasts on a library website, so people could play them at home, when they want to put on a story for their little one, or maybe hear a book review. We could also put on our hours and locations...kind of like on the phone message. I also feel that you need to let folks know how long a podcast is - just a courtesy, especially if you're telling a story.

It was good to have a websites that point to podcasts, because if I really want to listen to a podcast, well by golly, I Want to Listen to a Podcast, not have to dig through all the other google stuff.